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Discover the smartest Rural Wireless Broadband in the Wairarapa! Our top-notch service, paired with Smart Wifi 6 Mesh, transforms your home internet experience into one of seamless, high-quality connectivity.

Unlock exceptional urban connectivity with Teletronics Fibre Broadband, featuring the latest WiFi 6 router technology. Enjoy blazing-fast, reliable internet throughout your home or office, ensuring you stay connected with ease.

Get the perfect radio service tailored to your needs with Teletronics. From analogue to Digital VHF or UHF for forestry or nationwide fleet communications, we've got you covered. Choose from top brands like Tait, Hytera, GME, Caltta, and Kenwood, available in our Masterton store or online.

Boost your farm or business with our IoT Monitoring Services. Gain valuable data insights for efficient resource management, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational efficiency. Improve productivity and cut costs effortlessly with Teletronics.